Unique Flavors Of Chanterelle Soup

This kind of soup is created by using Chanterelle mushrooms as the base ingredient. The term refers to a wild fungus that is grown in certain parts of North America, Asia, Africa and Europe. This category of mushroom is known to have a distinct flavor and color for which they are used in different exclusive dishes Chanterelle soup is usually a cream based soup. There are variations done on the basis of different ingredients and flavors.

How it is made?

When we talk about Chanterelle soup, it is a soup based on mushrooms and a smoked yet flavorful taste that is created. The mushroom is first cleaned and then sliced with the food processor and chopped finely. The pieces are then boiled which can be in a stock of chicken or vegetable. After that the mixture is strained and finally a mushroom flavored soup is created. Usually flavors of milk, cream are used to season the soup as well as flour and onion. This soup is created with other ingredients added like carrots or leaks and served with old style rillettes.

Other ways of preparing the soup

There are other variations by which the soup is created as well. In certain cases in UK egg yolk is used to thicken the soup. In many Asian countries saffron might be added to add a bright color to the soup. In many recipes you will find that the mushroom is sauté in butter and then added on top as a garnish on the soup. In other recipes green herbs like parsley is also added. It certainly works as an accompaniment to dishes like old style rillettes.

Exclusive mushroom group

This group of mushroom is an exclusive fungus. It is favorite amongst mushroom hunters. These are known to grow in the Northwest part of the United States. They are yellowish and large in color and have a certain smell which resembles apricots. These mushrooms do not grow on trees, but on the ground. Cooks who like to use fresh Chanterelle in the soup usually search out regions where these mushrooms are grown.

Health benefits

There are many health benefits when one wishes to have this mushroom. The mushroom offers high levels of vitamin D, C and potassium. It is a low calorie food which is a nutritional dish to intake as different flavors and vegetables can be added to the soup. It can also be a rich meal to have along with other accompaniments. However, those who are allergic to mushrooms might want to stay away from this soup. Some people also find this mushroom soup difficult to digest. For these reasons the soup should be selected with care.

Types Of Tea To Improve Your Libido

There are many ways as to how you can improve your libido. Some people consume teas or other substances which are known for helping their body system work better. If you are looking for some ways as to how you can improve your stamina then you must try some tea. Here are some different types of substance based teas for use:


This tea is great for men and women both alike. It can be chewed or even taken in drink form too. It is known for balancing the toxins out of a person’s body. You can even take this before or after you have any sex. Many people like having this as an alternate to heavy drugs or tablets. If you are not into this tea then try some aromatic black tea in Australia too.


This is great as it increases endurance. It is not a mere drink for you to disregard. The tea actually has several benefits. If you feel that your libido is not very high and you need to increase it soon then consider having some of this substance. Try to mix some herbs with it if you want a stronger drink. Try some cloves. Fenugreek, black peppercorn and anise which will give the liquid added flavor and zest.


This is a great herb which was in many royal households. It is good for keeping the bad fluids out of your body for good too. It can be added to some goat weed if you want a more infused drink or you can even try and consume it on its own too. If you are not happy about having it on its own then consider some black tea for some extra taste too.


You can try and use some American Ginseng which is great for your body. It is recommended by many people as it can increase the amount of dopamine which will make you happier. Some people like to mix teas which are great as ginseng as it has a ginger like taste to it.


You can try consuming some maca as it works just like how a sex hormone will work too. It is known for bring any hormones to the normal level. You can even use some Viagra if you want too. Make sure to think about this carefully as it can take around two months for you to notice any changes. Try to have at least 2000 mgs which will increase your sexual functioning. Remember to shop at a reputed store.

Three Rules Of Customer Satisfaction

In any industry in the world, customer is always the king. Any business that says otherwise is either really sure of themselves or is extremely stupid. There are times where customer is not always king. But these times, in today’s world, are too few and far in between. More often than not, businesses today consider the customer to be always right. It is all about customer satisfaction and giving the best to your customer. Because of this, there are dedicated people in organizations, working to satisfy the customers. These people are called by various names, the most common being customer care personnel. Being a customer care personnel is simply not just a job. A person really needs to have a passion for this kind of job in order to succeed. Here are three golden rules of customer satisfaction that every customer care personnel should understand.

Act on first call Other than giving that top notch service, and taking your customer out to a set lunch Soho, there are many things that you can do in order to ensure that your customer is kept satisfied. Whenever a customer calls you to make a request or complaint, attend to it on the first call itself. A customer would not reach out to a customer care personnel unless it is something that he requires help with. Respect your customer and attend to it as soon as possible. Some of you may complain that customers, sometimes, come up with the most absurd request or complaints. While this is true, the customer’s requirement trumps over any other reason you may have for not attending to the customer’s complaint or requirement. Keep in mind that customer is still God.

Leave less room for a second callThe thing that is worse than a customer calling you is the customer calling you a second time. This is a time when all those set lunch Soho and other customer pleasing tactics that you may have used have not been effective at all. A customer calls for a second time regarding the same issue only because he has not been satisfied the first time. It is also a reflection of how well you handled the first call. In case if you have been unfortunate enough to receive a second call from your customer regarding the same issue, you need to act fast. This mean that you response time should be instant, check this awesome Italian restaurant.

Customer engagement It is not enough to keep the customer satisfied. One should also engage the customer actively. This will allow you to learn about your customer. In addition, there will be less chances of you not meeting the customer requirements.

20 Must Try Combos That You Don’t Want To Miss

If you think grilling is only for the summer, it’s a thought to be missed! There is basically no season for grilling and BBQ’s as it is one delicacy that is timeless. There’s plenty of time in a day when you can take advantage of the BBQ machine in to wrapping up some mouthwatering meals that you will keep coming back for more! Below are compiled with the help of expert chef in creating lip smacking burger combo that are far from the basic patty and lettuce combo.

You can now wrap up some delish quality burgers in Prahran for your every taste.

The caprese

Simply prepare the patty of your choice by adding a quarter cup of parmesan cheese to the patty. Add pesto, spinach, tomatoes sliced delicately, mozzarella and finally few basil leaves.

The Taco bun

Don’t be confused with the typical taco. It a twist on the taco you find every day. Add coriander, paprika, ground cumin and chili powder as seasoning to the patties. Top it off with sour cream, iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, cheddar cheese, sliced avocado and bits of jalapeno for that bit of fire.

The classic BBQ

One can never be bored of this timeless classic. This bun can fix up any mood regardless of the time of day. For this you need the patties to be just as it is without any add-ons. Prepare a cabbage slaw with carrots, red cabbage, apple cider and honey. Mix it all together and you have the perfect slaw to compliment the bun. Assemble with BBQ sauce, cabbage slaw, pickles, sliced avocado with plain buns and devour all you can. Click this link http://thirdwavecafe.com.au/melbourne.php if you are looking for coffee port in Melbourne.

The Hawaiian

Pretty sure you have all heard of the Hawaiian Pizza. Well this is a twist on a bun. With a plan classic patty of your choice, team it up with Teriyaki sauce, lettuce, char grilled pineapples, sliced onions, and chopped jalapeno with seasoned sesame buns.

The Vietnamese

From Hawaiian to Vietnam, these combos are sure to tantalize your taste buds. Top off a classic patty with Mayo, Daikon carrot slaw, cilantro and diced jalapeno. To make the daikon carrot slaw you need grated daikon, grated carrots, mixed with fish sauce, lime juice and tad bit of sugar. This unique twist will keep you asking for more. Surprise your friends and family by preparing this meal and show off your cooking talents.

The Caribbean

Travelling far from Vietnam to the Caribbean, this unique bun needs to be prepared with a mango salsa. You need to mix 2 chopped mangoes, diced red bell pepper, minced onion and red wine vinegar. For the patty you need to add, smoked paprika, chili powder, coriander and cumin before grilling. Assemble all this with mixed greens and dinner rolls.

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